Love is more than just holding hands

Let me make this clear for you,
I like it when you get jealous and angry,
Or when you nod your head when I say something,
Pretending to get me even when you don't.

I like it when you act all cute,
Being someone else with me,
That no one knows.

I smile when you say what you feel for me,
But I can't say anything because I get too scared.

I like when you share your record collection with me,
Even if I have to google the names up,

You have your DVD shelved,
Would you think less of me if you know that I don't alphabetized mine,
Can you still keep that smile,
Even after I criticized the movie you like,
Or get carried away with the one I love

Can you sleep peaceful at night
When I grind my teeth so loud
And you need the rest more than you need me.

If I wear a short dress,
That makes me have another pair of cheeks to powder,
Will you still hold my hand proudly,
Even as the guys see more than they can imagine.

Can you still kiss me if I make a bad joke,
Will you let me use Chappele and Seinfeld as a reference,
To life greatest topics

There are things you need to know about me
I’m weak right now, so weak right now
I need proof before I dare to open this heart
And I play tough because I get scared to need someone

Will you let me watch porn,
While I have you inside me,
Can you just say yes, when I get turned on,
Even if we are eating at McDonalds.

Can you let me be myself,
And not spit while I'm next to you,
Can we not live in together
Because I don't want you around me all the time

Can you always be truthful to me,
Can you not compete with my past,
Do you still keep a picture of her?

If I say I don't love you back,
Can you please keep fighting for my affection,
Can you hold me tonight?
And if I fall, just catch me.

Melt my heart to Stone

I have to stop repeating myself like a broken tune, 
Stuck in a past that never do me good, 
Running in the present that only creates more self destruction. 

Hoping of something that would never be said,
I am all for chasing pavements, 
But it has to be the real thing ad not some temporary fix, 
That deludes me into filling space with ills that would do no good.

Let me wear my heart on the sleeve with doe eyes, 
Only wants what I deserve and nothing less, 
To not give in to anyone excuses and bad intentions,
To stop making excuses for those who build me up and left me to die,
Never ever to give in to my own pretending to let him be what he never was in my mind,
Be me, and be okay with it. 

Rollo T

When U Wanna Run, It Takes You For A Stroll

Trade in those champagne and caviar, when you know you should be having beer and hot dogs

Rollo T on one of those random nights

“The more decisions that you are forced to make alone, the more you are aware of your freedom to choose”
For me, I want to blame it on being my star sign, but then I get fickle on whether it's the star sign or freewill.

I was under excruciating pain. Oh how I love to exaggerate.

My point is, the more I know I shouldn't be out, the more I wanted to just go. Popped up about 4 different pain killers, put on a dress, let my bruise make its mark on my arm, and drove myself down to Zouk.

I have never really liked the fact being in Zouk. Memories I have of it, that stuck in my head was when I was 23, and a 19 year old boy said expressionless, "Oh, so you are a veteran," Damn. No one likes feeling old huh?

Then, being persuaded to go and nothing better to do, I thought, what the heck. If I wanna leave later, I could just go.

But the mixture of the pain killers and the night, just made it all right. It was my first time in Phuture, Zouk on it Flava night. And even in the VIP section it was packed as hell.... you wish you could just slain yourself, so people would make space.

What.. i actually don't have a point here. Have I ever had one?

Rollo T